Quick & Short Guide on APC Diary and APC Log Books for the RICS

In this entry, I will be covering the APC Log book and the APC Diary. This is due to some emails I have received from the readers of this blog. Hopefully, this will answer a few questions regarding the APC diary and Log book.

What is the difference between the APC Log book and the APC Diary?

The APC diary is used to log your training and experience on the job. This is done daily and you can only log two half day of competency per day.

You are not required to log your mandatory competencies. (You can find a list of the mandatory competencies in your pathway guide.)

You are required to log your technical competencies (Core and optional competencies).

A full list of pathway guides can be found on the RICS website. To get the guides you just select the pathway and look on the right-hand column for a download link to the pathway guide PDF. It will contain a  list of the mandatory and technical competencies. This will give you a guidance of what to look out for.

The APC log book is slightly different than the APC diary; this is where you collate the total hours for each competency every month. The APC Diary supplements the APC Log book. Once the APC Log book is filled in it will give you an indication of how much time you’ve spent on a particular competency. Where you lack experience in the competency you can liaise with your employers to seek that experience. Most structured businesses will have a graduate route which will give you these experiences.

With your regular reviews with your supervisor and counsellor they will also agree on the dates when you have achieved each competency (and at which level) with them. This is logged in the Log Book for the APC submission.

What concerns me is that a lot of contractor based Quantity Surveyors are not being given the right information, guidance and experience to push their APC log book. You have to take it in your own hands to do it yourself. Take a look at the candidate guide and pathway guides on the RICS website to get started. It is not hard to pick up something and read.

Who should be doing the APC log book?

You need to fill in your APC Diary and Log book if you are doing Grad Route 1 or 2 structured training. You can only start logging your daily activities related to the competencies once you are enrolled.

This can either be the 12 months or 48 months structured training.

Enrol on your structure APC now and don’t waste time. The longer you wait, the longer you’ll have to start the 12 or 48-month log. You can easily email the RICS at join@rics.org or give them a call to enrol.

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Where do I find the template for the APC Log book and APC Diary?

For Quantity Surveyors, you can get a copy on the right-hand side of the pathway guide page.

The APC log book is an excel spreadsheet and the APC diary is a word document. You have to fill those templates in.

How much detail do I need to write in my diary book?

You will only need to add enough detail to your diary to allow your supervisor and counsellor to understand your experience. Think of it as writing an allocation sheet where anyone can pick it up and understand it. Having one liner does not help you or your supervisor understand what you did.
Try to at least write enough to set the scenario of what you have done to give some depth in it.

Don’t do:
“I did procurement today.”

“I prepare the invitation to tender for the ground work package; this includes gathering the drawings, specification, site information, etc….”

Add a bit more meat to it so as to demonstrate that you are aware what you are doing and can pick it up months later to explain what you did.

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Did you enjoy this? Please let me know in the comments. I’d also love to hear of how your APC is going and any issues you may have.

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