Tp-link iphone internet issue

For those having trouble getting your iphone connecting to your tp-link try this fix.

This is only if you can connect to the wifi but you’re having trouble going on the internet. The problem seems to be with tp-link router where the iphone mac address is not being registered properly.

So to get it to work we are going to manually assign an ip address to your phone.

  1. Login into your router usually it should be
  2. Navigate to advance > DHCP

Here you can add a device to a specific ip address, so I found my MAC using one of the guides here. Then I entered the Mac address with ‘-‘ instead of the ‘:’. Somehow my tp-link didn’t accept the later format.

Then assign an ip address, e.g. then on your iphone click forget network.

Once you’ve reset the network, try to reconnect and your phone should work through properly now.

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