Online Courses for Quantity Surveying & Construction

If you have not noticed, I have slowly been releasing online courses on the website. You can signup to get access to the course and you need to be registered to be able to go through the quizzes.

These courses are 99% video, this means that you can watch it on the go, download them and learn faster. Every week I will be aiming to release a few video lessons and eventually build a full library of the modules that you will need to know as a quantity surveyor or anyone interesting in the commercial aspect of construction.

As my background is in law you will expect to get a lot of insights on the legal aspect of the components of a quantity surveyor or just generally in construction. I will also be covering a lot of off-topic video courses such as Excel, software, services and tools that I find useful and that helps me in my day to day job as a QS.

The reason why I have decided to move to video is so that it is easier to absorb the content and listen to it again in the background. This is also easier on me as I can produce a lot more content faster than writing.

The first course that I have published is on basic contract law covering offer, acceptances, consideration as well as the difference between a unilateral and a bilateral offer.

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