The Study Checklist Resource Guide

The Study Checklist Resource Guide

Following a request from one of my readers on Twitter I’ve put a resource list together to help you with your studies.The RICS Black Book RICS Bookshop [Free]

This is the go-to reference that all QS should use while on their journey through their APC. However, some of the guidance notes are not clear and concise enough to understand and that is the reason why I use it only as a guide to further my understanding.
The way the guidance notes are laid out are great, but there is a lot of room for improvement.

RIBA Job book [Amazon]

This books explains everything from beginning to end, yes it is a big book. But just skim read it and highlight all the financial and quantity surveying duties.

Contract Practice For Surveyors, Fourth Edition [Amazon]

This is a VERY good book on the practical implementation. Even though some of the diagrams have errors, it is still a good book. Very easy to read and a good reference guide. This book covers most of the competencies and it is a must have.

John Uff’s Construction Law [Amazon]

This is a brilliant book that will cover most contractual mechanisms and contract law. It was one of my most used books for my LLM at Robert Gordon University.

Spon’s Civil Engineering [Amazon]

You’re not a QS if you don’t know how to use one of these. I have a copy of the 2012 version on my desk. It is very very useful!
This will help you build up estimates, BoQs, programmes, etc… Yup…even programmes! The book gives you an estimated output based on a listed resource. I might cover this in the future in an another entry.

Construction Contract – John Murdoch [Amazon]

Another go to book while I was studying my LLM. This has a lot of information on the contractual mechanisms. However, I’d recommend reading this with John Uff’s book to get an understanding of each mechanism.

Quantity Surveyor’s Pocket Book [Amazon]

This is an OK book, it does have some good concise information and general understanding but not really worth buying but a good reference book if you have a copy. It’ll explain some terminology, but I think the book is not laid out nicely.

JCT Tendering Practice Note [JCT book shop]

Want to get a handle of your tendering and really understand the procedures? Buy the practice note.
Even though it is hard to read, if you have the patience you’ll extract the information you need to get your head around tendering. Hence why it is taking me twice as long to release the tendering article on this website.

Construction Technology [Amazon]

This is another good book on construction technology. I’ll be using it while I cover the construction tech article on this website.
As I work in civils and infrastructure, most of the tech I follow are from BSI, Network Rail standards or Airport standards. These are available on IHS. If you don’t have access as your employers. Every business working in the construction industry should at least have access to this.

What I found is that the UK Network Rail Standard Model Clauses are BRILLIANT! They will help you understand specific civil works on rail, and what you’ll need to consider when preparing your scope sheet and pricing documents. There are similar standard details in other industries, you just have to ask the engineers on your project.

Willis’s Practice and Procedure for the Quantity Surveyor [Amazon]

This is one of the first books I bought for Quantity Surveying. Explains everything in general. It is very well written and constantly updated.

New Rules of Measurement [Free]

Read NRM 1 and 2 to fully understand cost planning and cost estimates. It still refers back to RIBA Plan of Work 2007, but you still get the idea.

Isurv [paid]

Very good but not well-written articles, it could improve and get in depth. I have access to it and I use it now and then to get a synopsis on certain topics. If your employers have access then great, but I wouldn’t spend my own money to get access.

RIBA Law in Practice [Amazon]

Explains some but not all contractual mechanisms. This is a very well written book at explaining the contractual mechanisms but it is very biased. The author advises mostly to the benefit of the Architect.

I will regularly update this page with more resources that I find. I have over 100+ books and resources that I’ll be using to write articles on this website and study for my APC.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at or tweet me

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