What to Write in Your APC Diary for Your Log Book

Following my recent post on the requirements for the APC I had investigated further on the requirements of the diary and clarified what needs to be done.

The diary logs for the structured training route must be simple and brief not over complicated as I previously suggested.

It just needs to cover what you did against the technical competencies (core and optional competencies). You do not have to log the mandatory competencies such as business, administration, etc…

Hours logged

You do not have to log in hours but only 1/2 days or 1 day. If you only spend 1hour you cannot log it in your diary. It should be at least 1/2 day to count towards your loggable activities.

Don’t shoot yourself in the foot

While writing your brief don’t put in too much detail of the situation or complain about a person or contractor. Just state the fact of what you did. Don’t talk about issues that would lead on to more questions that you’ll need to answer.

Don’t over complicate

As mentioned previously…keep it simple. Don’t write in-depth briefs or diary as you won’t have time to spend on learning anything….


Here is an example of a entry on your log.

Today I have prepared the subcontract liabilities for 2 of the subcontractors I am looking after. I have gone through their change register to identify new scope and used the cost estimate of the new work scope to increase the end life forecast of the subcontractor. I have taken the latest assessed valuation as the COWD for the liabilities. Once complete I’ve double check the figures & calculation and highlighted the additional scopes so that I can insert them in my movement register in my CVR report due for the next period.

The competency for the above falls under Commercial Management of construction. I then log it in my diary as 1 whole day. There is a template on the RICS website.

and that is it!
Keep it simple.

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