2020.05.17 – First post

First post

ok so I am working on a c++ implementation at the moment for python. I\’ll be using pybind11 to wrap my c++ code for a python module.

To do this I had to install vcpkg and run an installation for x64-windows triplet.

I had to setup the following additional variables in my cmake options


so that it defines the x64-windows triplet, I had to also make sure the installation

.\vcpkg.exe install pybind --triplet x64-window

so that vcpkg can install it and build to the current processor.

This then made it easy for me to add/find installed package in my cmake.

here is the code for cmake:

find_package(pybind11 CONFIG REQUIRED)

include_directories(${Python_INCLUDE_DIRS} ${pybind11_INCLUDE_DIRS})
target_link_libraries(ivorcpp PRIVATE mylib pybind11::embed pybind11::module pybind11::pybind11)

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