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  • RIBA Plan of Work and Procurement Routes explained (part 2) – Partnering PPP and PFI

    Introduction Continuing from my last post on procurement I am going to be covering partnering and then lead into Public Private Partnerships (and Private Finance Initiative). Partnering Partnering isn’t really a procurement route but an agreement that sits on top of the procurement route to allow for collaboration. The RICS Guidance Note states that partnering […]

  • RIBA Plan of Work and Procurement Routes explained (part 1)

    Introduction In this entry, I will be covering both the RIBA plan of work and finish off with the procurement routes. The reason why I am covering the RIBA Plan work is to give you a better understanding of the sequence of a building project. This will help you better understand the procurement routes. The […]

  • RICS Study Checklist for Quantity Surveying APC

    In this entry, I will cover the topics that all Quantity Surveyors should know and be experienced in. This guide will help you get started to formulate your study routine, checklist and questions for your RICS APC. At the end of the APC journey, a Quantity Surveyor must be able to have the knowledge and […]

  • The RICS APC Quantity Surveying Competencies That You Need to Know

    This entry is all about the RICS Quantity Surveyor pathway competencies that you need to cover. I will also discuss as to which optional competencies I have chosen for my route. The competencies The competencies that we will need to meet is based on the RICS Quantity surveying & construction pathway guide. As a Quantity […]

  • What to Write in Your APC Diary for Your Log Book

    Following my recent post on the requirements for the APC I had investigated further on the requirements of the diary and clarified what needs to be done. The diary logs for the structured training route must be simple and brief not over complicated as I previously suggested. It just needs to cover what you did […]